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What is an SPF Record and Why Do I Need One?

Recently we ran into some issues submitting ADF leads from one of our websites to a DealerSocket CRM. Sometime in November, something on their servers changed and an SPF record was required to submit leads. Unfortunately DealerSocket didn’t inform us or the dealer of this change and it lead to a large number of missed […]

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SEO for Auto Dealers: 2018 Quick Reference Guide

Like thousands of other car dealership marketing directors, BDC managers, and GMs, you’re looking to get your site to the top of Google. We’ve written our SEO for Auto Dealers: 2018 Quick Reference Guide for those self-starters that want to make effective changes to their SEO performance. The following can be used to help you improve the […]

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Top Tools for Choosing a Keyword

Content marketing has become more important than ever for car dealerships as the search habits of your potential customers evolve. Google results and consumer research strategies rely on fishing certain keywords out of the mass of information on the internet. Therefore, you’ll need to target your content so that potential customers will see it, and that starts by knowing what your customers are searching for.

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