Content Management

Supercharge Your Content Strategy.

Connect to your customers in a new way and supercharge your SEO strategy with a dedicated content management team. This is your key to success.

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Custom Content

Our professional content writers will develop a voice that reflects your brand to write consistent, professional content pieces. Everything that we write for your dealership will be uniquely yours and finely tuned for SEO.

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OEM Compliant

Our compliance team will work within the confines of your OEM’s rules and regulations to make sure that your website and content is compliant.

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Optimized for Search

We meticulously optimize your content pieces for search. Our content team are experts in creating search engine optimized content that magnetizes your site.

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Often overlooked, research is a major part of content management. We research your local and automotive environments for content opportunities and create highly optimized content pieces for your dealership.

Structured Data

Structured Data

Structured data is code hidden on your website that tells search engines detailed information about your website and its content. It will play a major role in the future of web search and is already built into all of our websites.

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Conversion Optimized

Using best practices from the automotive retail industry and beyond, our websites are extremely conversion optimized. Our customers have seen as much as a 50% increase in conversion after the first month.

Magnetize Your Website

No matter the budget, we can help you magnetize your Autowebing dealership website with a la carte custom content or full-on content management solutions.

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Content Types

Are you falling behind on SUV sales? Need to sell more compact cars next year? Let us know and we’ll build the relevant content to help you generate more qualified leads for specific vehicle models. The following content types are well-suited for local targeting:

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Blog Post

Blog posts are content pieces that get posted to your blog. Blog posts are a great way to bring in quality organic traffic to your dealership website and are an integral part of dealership content management strategies. All of our blog posts are heavily researched and optimized prior to publication and are custom-written for your dealership.

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Vehicle Research Page

Our vehicle research pages are highly optimized, huge pages that cover everything there is to know about a specific vehicle model. Our vehicle research pages are huge SEO performers and a great sales tool for your onsite sales team.

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Vehicle Comparison

Our vehicle comparison pages are a great way to compare two specific vehicle models (i.e. Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry). These are great sales tool and can generate a large amount of quality traffic for your dealership website. Our comparisons are not automatically generated like most dealerships. We research the most important statistics and characteristics of the models being compared and write our content around them.

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Most dealership websites have a feed of reviews that get displayed in random locations throughout their website that everyone ignores and distrusts. They create no value and take up valuable real estate on page.

Ours are totally different. Our “Testimonials” are real reviews that your customers write and submit through your own website. We then write SEO content about that review and their experience and create a Testimonial post on your site. The post is then intelligently and automatically linked to from related posts, pages and VDPs to enhance the SEO value of those other pages and the Testimonial post itself.

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Customer Image

Customer Image posts are similar to Testimonial posts, but require a little extra work from your end. Instead of posting a review of the dealership from a web form, your sales staff will take a photograph of your happy customers taking delivery of their new vehicles. We will write up SEO content about that customer taking delivery of their vehicle, upload the image to the site, and create a special post that is intelligently and automatically linked to from related posts, pages and VDPs. Customer Image posts enhance the SEO value your evergreen content and other related pages.

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Custom Landing Page

Custom Landing Pages are exactly as the name suggests. We can create custom landing pages for ad campaigns, social media links, dealership events, or anything else you might want. Our custom landing pages can be as custom as you like and highly optimized. Up your quality scores, conversion rates, and make your ad dollars go further with custom landing pages.

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Coupons should be a huge part of your service, parts, and body shop departments. They are a huge conversion tool and can generate a huge amount of quality, organic traffic to your website. Our backend coupon creation tool allows you to easily create consistent, good-looking coupons that display real text on the page for SEO value. Your monthly website report will include a page dedicated to your coupon performance so you can monitor which coupons perform the best.

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Dealer & Brand Offers

Add custom dealership exclusive offers and brand offers to your specials pages, SRPs and VDPs to greatly increase conversion rates. Use the data in your monthly reports to help develop next month’s specials for a maximum return. Visitors that interact with the specials on our websites are over 3x more likely to convert than those who don’t.

Fully Custom Solutions

Looking for a special page, content type, or tool that doesn’t already exist? As a custom development firm, we’ve got the pivotability and the know-how to get bring your unique ideas to life. Tell us your wildest ideas and we can make it happen. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum.

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