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3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Dealership Blog

Is your dealership’s blog stagnating? Check out these 3 quick tips to improve your blog, strengthen your brand, and sell more cars.

Maintain consistent branding

One of the most common issues we see on dealership blogs is a lack of consistent branding. Some dealership blogs look so different from the rest of their website that going from the blog to the inventory feels like you’re on a completely different website. This can be jarring. When you’re putting together a blog post, review the following and make sure they match the rest of your website:

  • Headings: Fonts, font weights, colors, capitalization, margins
  • Body text: Fonts, font weights, colors, capitalization, margins
  • Images: Dimensions, sizes, margins
  • Buttons: Colors, borders, text styles, hover effects, margins

Consider your user

One classic mistake when blog-writing is failing to consider who your user is and why they’ve decided to view your article. If you’re just blindly writing articles about what’s happening with your dealership’s brand, you ought to dig a little deeper.

For example

Where is your user in their car-shopping journey? The car-shopping journey can be broken down into 5 key steps. You can better understand what your content should contain if you understand where the target is at in their journey. Someone who is still researching which car they want to buy probably isn’t ready to see current offers for that vehicle. They’re more likely interested in learning about key features for that vehicle and how it compares to others.

The better you understand your user, the better you can provide value to them.

Provide value

You’re experts in the dealership experience. You’re experts in new cars. You’re experts in automotive finance. You’re experts in automotive service, parts, and bodywork. Tap into your expertise and create content that answers questions, solves problems, and educates. We use the web to answer our questions, learn, or be entertained.

Think about which questions you are qualified to answer, and answer them. Reach out to your service manager, technicians, or finance managers and work with them to create compelling, useful content.


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