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3 Tips for Building Quality Blog Content

So, you’ve picked out your keyword and you’re ready to get cracking on that blog. As you start writing, it’s important to make sure that your SEO content actually captures your readers’ attention. Your keyword research has taught you how to get customers’ attention and snag their Google search clicks. Now, your content still has to hold their attention and lead them to poke around your website and check out your inventory. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re crafting your blog strategy.

First of all, keep in mind the old adage: “quality over quantity.” Instead of trying to create a handful of short blog posts that contain your keyword and “low prices!” and not much else, aim for blog posts with at least three hundred words. Your potential customers don’t want to see what amounts to an ad when they check out your blog. Shoppers do tons of research online before they commit to a model and dealership to make their purchase. Your blog should include informative, interesting content about the models you’re selling. If you keep a customer’s interest with your blog, they’re more likely to explore your inventory instead of bouncing back to the Google results page.

Secondly, remember to use captivating images. Visual information is just as important as your words, especially when it comes to cars. Customers want to know what their potential car looks like, and you want them to be interested. There are plenty of flashy, classy photos of cars out there to choose from. Plus, large blocks of text intimidate people. Remember how your eyes glazed over when you tried to read your school textbooks? Be sure to break up your blog text every hundred words or so in order to keep your reader’s attention and stimulate their visual interest.

Finally, don’t be afraid to let some personality through! Writing is a creative medium, and you can have an engaging blog that appeals to all age groups without becoming cliche. Remember that textbook? You’ll want to be a little more engaging than that! On the other hand, don’t try to hard—no matter how many millennials you’re trying to target, you don’t need to resort to memes. A genuine personality and unique writing voice inspires a personal connection with the reader, while an intelligent presentation also makes the reader trust that you know what you’re talking about. You can read some popular automotive blogs to see what makes people like them, and try on their style while you’re looking for your own unique writing voice!

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Putting together quality blog content is a process! Remember to start with a good keyword, then find a topic that you can write about. Once you’ve cultivated a regular blog, be sure to keep track of it, too. A good blog will keep you a step ahead of your competition, so keep working at it until you’re regularly putting out well-crafted content for potential customers!


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